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Here’s your chance to check out our free webinars as we discuss nuances of performing DOT exams. These are short 15-20 minute webinar sessions where I’ll usually highlight a specific topic, often in response to a question we’ve received from an examiner or NADME.org student.  All sessions are recorded and posted on our members website.



Sample Intro from our “Narcotics” Webinar:



Some comments from this and previous presentations:

Just listened to the presentation. I was quite impressed. And after OM residency, boarding and 30 years or so of practice, i’ve followed FMCSA regs for awhile. And I’ve heard my share of presentations on driver exams. I must say, yours was excellent. Style and content both spot on. What I thought was particularly useful about the presentation is that it had information of value to old timers like me… as well as the newbies.  Well done. I work in a system with a bunch of primary care docs. I’m about to send a reminder about the changes in process.  I’ll include a link to your presentation in case anyone wants a refresher.

Dennis Schultz MD MSPH FACOEM

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my staff and I find your emails about The DOT exam and Urgent Care in general very useful. Your opinions are very insightful for dealing with some of the “gray zone” areas. Your comments often generate lots of discussions which have led frequently to changing the way we do things. Thank you so much for the work you do.

David W. Miller M.D.
Owner / Medical Director
MedNOW Urgent Care Center

These videos are extremely helpful. It’s a struggle doing DOT physicals these days. I’ve even had a patient say to me “I’m not at my doctors office so why is that your business.” I have a feeling I am not the only person hearing these same statements. It’s nice to be able to regurgitate the guidelines because I constantly get challenged. The continued education just gives me the comfort of knowing I’m making the right choice when I tell them they need to address medical conditions prior to certification

Amelia Espinosa, FNP

You must be reading my mind, as far as topics, questions or concerns I’ve had, as you have mentioned or discussed each in depth so far. I’m still pretty new to ME role and it seems as though almost every one I’ve completed thus far, I’ve had some kind of question or concern that I needed the answer to, but the National websites do not make the information easy to find, if there at all, which is one reason I find yours so helpful. Even during the prep course prior to testing, it seemed as though most all the information was in a “gray area” and vague. It’s nice to know there is actually someone out there who has the knowledge and can then successfully translate the information to those of us, in a way in which we understand and can use in our practice. Thank you

Vicky Anderson,  NP

What an AWESOME learning opportunity for Medical Examiners. DOT’s can be so painful when drivers present with an argumentative nature.  I am so very excited to have a convenient reliable resource at my fingertips! You are easy to listen to, organized, and knowledgeable! Thank you so very much for the information! I will make your webinars a weekly experience for me! Thank you again!

Dianne Davenport, FNP

I want to thank you so much for your website and seminars you are offering.  I didn’t have anyone to turn to as a Mentor … This means so much to me. Thank you,

Marianne Falasco, PhD, APRN-BC, FS

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More accolades:

Always great info! I am usually working then and am happy you post these to view later. It is also helpful to learn  of the Sponsors so  I can use their services.

Dr Annette Stevko Hollywood Chiropractic Portland Oregon

I enjoy the webinars. Have gotten good clarification on challenging subjects and I appreciate that.   I think it is an awesome program. 

Michelle (Micky) Watterson, MSN, APRN, CNP
Lead Nurse Practitioner, Corporate Health Wadsworth
Summa Health

The Thursday webinars are extremely valuable.  Timely topics and good reviews.  Well worth the time to review them.  Most of the time I am working during the live session and can’t participate, so having them posted is fantastic. As for the sponsors:  all of them are very appropriate to the subject matter.  I am not in charge of buying decisions at my company, but have passed the info on.

Cheryl Mitchell, NP

Thanks Larry. I find the webinars very informative as an up to date  review for me as well as a basic training aid which I share for new trainees. The sponsors are great for exploring new products. I save the key points of seminars to refer to as a later reference. Great work!

Shari Diamond Banko

These are valuable and I look forward to them each week. I pass on info to other providers and utilize info as refreshers at staff meetings etc. I have also had the 3b Demo and we are mostly going to go forward on this .

I have had a phone conversation with Shoebox and am tossing that around as well.  

NAOHP is fantastic and I utilize them and appreciate them! Please keep doing what you are doing in enhancing all of our practices!  Your delivery is very appreciated as well!

Jen Warner, Winona  Health

Thanks for informative & interactive DOT webinars. It does help in getting feedback from you & others as there are  no definite regulations ! Sponsors are appropriate for our practice

Dr Gita Dalal

Webinars have been excellent. Always informative and distilled to just the salient points. I now use the 3bExam program which is excellent. Thank you for providing these webinars.

Dr.  Jeffrey Poritz

I love the webinars, videos, etc. I’m in a period of time restraints right now and I like that I can get back to it at a later point. Thanks, I appreciate your offerings.

Linda Vrooman

Great presentations.  Very informative

Ron Lamontagne

I totally enjoy your presentations!  They are current and offer a wide variety of answers to our Occupational Health Clinic. Thank you!

Kathy Doubek Supervisor, Occupational Health Services Aurora Medical Center – Bay Area

Larry I think your information and your sponsors both have great value. Most importantly you bring experience and continuity to a very fluid environment!! Thk u!!

Larry Feeler, Worksteps

Dr earl, I think that your webinars are full of valuable information. they are short enough in length that even on a busy day one is able to view them. You have much dedication to present these webinars as I know it can take some time as well as answering questions takes time. I really appreciate that. I want to say thank you.

Tim Morrison

Your webinars and site content provide great  information for medical examiners.  The experts you select are industry leaders in DOT examination.   The content you discuss covers topics that have been historically misunderstood in DOT exams and have lead to inaccurate length of certificates.   You provide great guidance and references. 

Erik Moll, DC

I have been a PA for over 33 years and I have performed over 1700 DOT examinations since becoming certified. I have only recently started watching Dr. Earl’s Thursday conferences on DOT examinations and I find that 30 minute segments to be timely, precise, and bring much clarity to a process which at times can be muddled and confusing.  I always try to tune in, even if I am seeing patients because he clearly communicates practice-changing information about DOT exams. I highly recommend his program to  anyone engaged in the DOT examination process. 

Don Cui, PA-C, NRCME, AE-C

I’ve been enjoying the webinars very much. I find them very informative and concise. I get lots of information and knowledge to enhance my practice. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Ade Babalola, DPM, MD FACP Assistant Professor of Medicine; Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine • Drexel University College of Medicine

I’m embarrassed to say I failed the NRCME exam the first time. Never have I failed an exam! I come from a strong critical care ER background and was disappointed I didn’t pass. Then I decided I would try again, slated my free time off for the DOT study and exam. It’s my priority. I went through all the webinar sessions, studied the  materials in the knowledge base and resource library, got great support with all my questions, then PASSED MY EXAM! I’m so happy! What a wonderful Life!! Other information available for managing DOT exams  is so confusing, I’m so glad your materials and teachings are there to aid me, thanks for everything!

Maureen S.  MSN, APRN, FNP-C


Larry Earl, MD

Urgent care & Occupational Medicine Consultant

Medical Director, NADME, Nat Acad DOT Med Examiners

I’m Dr. Larry Earl (MD) and I’ve owned and operated multi-site, multi-state Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine centers for over 30 years. Now I provide full time consulting and training for clients ranging from independent medical practices to billion dollar healthcare organizations. We cover all aspects of urgent care, primary care and occupational medicine from strategy and design, sales & marketing, implementation and operational optimization.